VMUGCZ Event in Prague – 2024-05-23

A Day of Innovation and Networking

VMware User Group Czech Republic (VMUGCZ)

Yesterday’s VMUGCZ event in Prague was a fantastic success, bringing together professionals and enthusiasts for a day filled with insightful sessions, engaging discussions, and valuable networking opportunities.


Welcome by VMUGCZ Leaders
The event began with a warm welcome from the VMUGCZ leaders, setting the stage for an exciting day ahead. They provided an overview of the agenda, highlighting the key topics and sessions that attendees could look forward to.

Keynote: VCF, AI, and Other Things
Joe Baguley from Broadcom kicked off the keynote with a deep dive into VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), the evolving role of AI, and other emerging technologies. His presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session led by Vlastimil Horák from VMware by Broadcom, allowing attendees to ask questions and engage directly with the experts.

Understanding NSX in VCF: Best Practices for VCF Networking
Karel Novak from VMware by Broadcom delivered a detailed session on understanding NSX within VCF. He shared best practices for optimizing VCF networking, providing practical insights and solutions for common challenges.

Coffee Break and Social Networking
The first coffee break offered a chance for attendees to mingle, discuss the morning sessions, and network with peers and industry experts. It was a great opportunity to build connections and share ideas.

The Future is Here: ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage
Piotr Łukasiewicz from ExaGrid Systems introduced the latest innovations in tiered backup storage. His presentation highlighted the benefits of ExaGrid’s solutions, emphasizing how they can enhance data protection and recovery strategies.

Ootbi by Object First – Best Storage for Veeam
Walter Berends from ObjectFirst discussed the optimal storage solutions for Veeam, focusing on the features and advantages of Ootbi by Object First. His insights were particularly valuable for those looking to improve their data storage and management practices.

Lunch Break
A delicious lunch provided a welcome break and another opportunity for attendees to network and discuss the day’s topics in a more informal setting.

Google Cloud VMware Engine: AI-Assisted Automation for Your Workloads
Agnieszka Koziorowska from Google presented on the integration of AI-assisted automation with VMware workloads on Google Cloud. Her session showcased practical applications and the significant benefits of this advanced technology.

AI for Accident Analysis and 3D Reconstruction
Enrico Pittini and Pavel Kučera from DataVision demonstrated the use of AI for accident analysis and 3D reconstruction. Their presentation highlighted real-world use cases and the technological advancements driving these innovations.

Coffee Break and Social Networking
Another coffee break allowed attendees to relax and continue their networking conversations, exchanging thoughts on the afternoon sessions.

Before Calling in the Backups
Boris Mittelmann from Veeam discussed the importance of preparedness in backup management. He shared strategies and best practices to ensure effective and efficient backup processes.

VCF aka Virtuální Cloudová Fantazie
A community session led by Martin Dimitrov, Libor Junek, and Josef Zach explored the capabilities of VMware Cloud Foundation. Titled “Virtuální Cloudová Fantazie” this session provided info from real-life VCF deployment.

Roundtable with VMUG Leaders and Speakers
The roundtable discussion offered an interactive platform for VMUG leaders and speakers to engage with the audience. Attendees had the chance to ask questions, share insights, and discuss various topics in an open forum.

Social Networking: Grill, Beer, and Hockey
The event concluded with a relaxed social networking session featuring a grill, beer, and watching the Hockey World Championship on big screen. (Czech Republic vs. USA. [1:0] ) It was a fun and enjoyable end to a day packed with learning and networking.

Overall, the VMUGCZ event in Prague was a resounding success, offering valuable insights, practical knowledge, and plenty of opportunities for professional growth and connection. Check out some photos from the event below!

Joe Baguley (VMware by Broadcom) Keynote

Karel Novak (VMware by Broadcom)

Piotr Lukasiewicz (ExaGrid Systems)

Martin Stetka (Object First)

Walter Berends (Object First)

Google Cloud

Pavel Kučera (DataVision)

Boris Mittelman (Veeam)

Libor Junek, Josef Zach, Martin Dimitrov (community session)

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Upgrade Veeam Backup & Replication from 9.0 to 9.5


Check status of Veeam services

Get-Service Veeam*


Status   Name               DisplayName
------   ----               -----------
Running  VeeamBackupSvc     Veeam Backup Service
Running  VeeamBrokerSvc     Veeam Broker Service
Running  VeeamCatalogSvc    Veeam Guest Catalog Service
Running  VeeamCloudSvc      Veeam Cloud Connect Service
Running  VeeamDeploySvc     Veeam Installer Service
Running  VeeamMountSvc      Veeam Mount Service
Running  VeeamNFSSvc        Veeam vPower NFS Service
Running  VeeamTapeSvc       Veeam Tape Access Service
Running  VeeamTransportSvc  Veeam Data Mover Service

Before upgrade stop all your Veeam jobs and disable all Veeam services and restart server.

 Set-Service VeeamBackupSvc -StartupType Disabled
 Set-Service VeeamCatalogSvc -StartupType Disabled
 Set-Service VeeamCloudSvc -StartupType Disabled
 Set-Service VeeamDeploySvc -StartupType Disabled
 Set-Service VeeamMountSvc -StartupType Disabled
 Set-Service VeeamNFSSvc -StartupType Disabled
 Set-Service VeeamTapeSvc -StartupType Disabled
 Set-Service VeeamTransportSvc -StartupType Disabled

Once the server is back online run the setup.exe, accept the license and click Next



Setup will inform you about detected previous version



and recognize that you have already licenced version. If you want to provide new license number just click Browse and add new license file.


Veeam 9.5 require Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL2014 and Management Objects. And if you didnt install it already, it will inform you. You have the option to install it now .. just press Install.



once installed  you can click Next and continue with upgrade.veeam6

Choose under which account will be your Veeam Backup & Replication service running.


Choose a database instance. I am using local MSSQLDB.


Setup will ask if you are sure to use this database and if required upgrade it.


Now all prerequisities are done and you can isntall upgrade.






.. and finished. Your Veeam Backup & Replication was upgraded to version 9.5veeam12

You can connect ..



after login as a last step server componnents will be upgraded.veeam14


Once done you can use Veeam Backup & Replication and do backups.


All services which were stopped and disabled before installation are automatically set as Automatic startup.

Veeam backup Agent for Linux update to BETA2 on CentOS 7


Now I want to update it with newer version “beta2” which was released recently. First of all download BETA2 files for your Linux distribution. In my case RPM files for RedHat/Centos 7 from Veeam site.

First of all you need to uninstall “beta1” to be able to install “beta2” properly.

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Veeam backup Agent for Linux (beta) CentOS 7

today just received an email from Veaam with link and code. So I can download the beta agent for linux.  In my case I will use CentOS 7  linux distribution 64bit.

Installation is easy, with some tricky part. As on installation page here is step-by-step  info about how to install the Veeam Linux agent. But I am missing step-by-step info about how to install prerequisites. So you can read it here for CentOS 7 Linux.

First of all update your server. Once done,  reboot the server if during your update was installed new kernel.

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